Timeshare Sales Tactics

4 Common Timeshare Sales Tactics You Should Resist

Some types of timeshares, such as deeded timeshares, come in perpetuity, which means you receive a life-long liability of paying all the necessary expenses. Your children or grandchildren can inherit your property. Since then, the timeshare purchasing decision appears crucial – getting out of a timeshare is a highly complicated task. If salespersons want to sell a timeshare to you, they will manipulate your emotions using several timeshare sales tactics to make you buy a timeshare. This article will take a closer look at top salesman tactics you need to be aware of.

What to know about timeshare selling tactics?

1. Return on investment (ROI)

A timeshare agent is likely to offer vacationers staying in luxury accommodations year after year all around the country in return for paying a fraction of the price. However, the issue of ROI is that fund recouping can be possible in up to seven years – many salespeople prefer to keep silent about this aspect. They also avoid talking about maintenance fees that only increase over time, the overpriced initial cost for a timeshare, inflation, etc. Remember that this tactic can effectively persuade individuals to make a purchase that they will regret for their entire lifetime.

2. Too much information and people

Have you ever noticed why there are so many people at a timeshare presentation? There are multiple managers, a marketing agent, a presenter, a selling agent, a receptionist, and others. Please don’t get confused since it is one of the other timeshare tactics to pressure the potential buyers. The information that an individual consumes during a timeshare presentation seems genuinely overwhelming, and all of the sales assistants hope you get exposed to the influence and finally make a large purchase. Keep in mind that it is a trap for unaware individuals.

3. Playing on your emotions

Timeshare agents will undoubtedly show you multiple videos with satisfied timeshare owners who spend their holidays with family and kids at luxury resorts every year. They might also ask you about plans appealing to your emotions – what can be better than getting lifetime guaranteed vacations within a timeshare? Don’t fall for this provocation. With a lifetime opportunity to have a holiday, you also receive a lifetime liability to pay high expenses on a timeshare. Keep your head cold during a presentation to not let agents manipulate your emotions.

4. Creating a sense of urgency

One unethical timeshare hard sell tactic is claiming the deal doesn’t last forever. By creating a sense of urgency, salespeople want to put high pressure on potential buyers, so one of them finally purchases a timeshare. You will always be able to receive a good timeshare deal if you wish to, and the offer you encounter on the presentation isn’t a single on the market. A sense of urgency is an integral part of a timeshare agent’s manipulating work.