How do you dispose of unused, old, expired flares?

First of all, do NOT throw any kind of unused flares in the regular household trash even if they are past the expiration date. With enough heat or pressure, flares can spontaneously ignite.

Additionally, do NOT light flares just to use them up in public; as flares are emergency signals and can instigate an emergency response.

Please contact us with further questions on disposing flares.


Proper ways to dispose of flares:

Option 1:

Call your trash company to find out if they have a hazardous-materials pickup day or will accept hazardous materials at their local facility. If not, they can often direct you to a local facility for hazardous waste management.

Alternatively, you can contact your area fire department or police station for that information as well.

Option 2: You could ignite road flares on the ground in a safe and remote area. Make sure you follow the instructions below to properly light a road flare without creating the confusion of getting an emergency response.

Option 3: If you wish to dispose of road flares at home, you could also follow the steps from the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

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