Road Flare Questions

How long do road flares last for?

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When you light a flare, it can usually last for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the exact type of flares that you purchased. At Gateway Safety, we produce three main types of road flares, the 15-minute ones, the 20-minute ones, and the 30-minute ones.

Shelf Life: How many years are road flares valid for?

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When properly stored, an unused road flare has an indefinite shelf life. However, in most user cases (99.99%), you should go by what it says on the flares, as the stabilizers flares contain will slowly and surely weaken overtime. Most road flares on the market are valid for two to four years. Make sure to check the manufacture's date and read the manufacture's instruction before using a flare.

How to light a flare?

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Lighting a road flare is not hard – at least it is not supposed to be, but just like changing a flat tire, it is best if you practice and know what to expect before you actually need to use them.