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How Can Your Restaurant Table and Chairs Layout Turn Customers Off?

If you own a restaurant and are planning to renovate, or if you are thinking of getting a restaurant for yourself from scratch, there is one thing that you surely want to look into before anything else; the seating arrangements! Well, you may think that it comes after everything else but do you really think that food is the only significant thing that you should be worried about? No one is denying the fact that it is one of the most important things, but that’s not it. People don’t come to restaurants just for good food, they need the perfect environment along with some delicious food to make their day, and when we talk about the perfect environment, things like dining and bar stools can be the reason of major turnout as well. Therefore, we will be discussing some of the reasons to justify how a simple layout can affect table turnover badly in the following article:

Restaurant Seating Dimensions:

This point is one of the most important one, as people sometimes don’t realize how it can be the reason of lower turnover which can consequently result into a shutdown. However, you don’t have to worry about it if you just make sure to take care of it beforehand. So, when we talk about restaurant layout, we also talk about how and where all the places will be. For example, we decide the location of kitchen, restroom, waiting area and the seating. Now when you decide the seating, you need to keep in mind how will your customers feel about it? So if there is a table near the restroom or kitchen where there are more people going in and out all the time, people would definitely not prefer to sit there. What is the solution? Maybe, you can use that space for a different purpose instead of counting it in for that long restaurant table you have been planning on!

Seating Capacity:

Okay, so you need to make sure that you either leave too much space for no use, nor over stuff the place with table and chairs in a manner that it gets difficult for customers to even get out of their chair. You know, your restaurant should not look like a chair and tables restaurant! For this, you need to use the restaurant seating capacity calculator which can easily let you know about how many seating can be done in the place that you have!

How Much Can You Handle?

Lastly, when you have finalized the dining, you still need to observe on a daily basis and take initiatives and use technology in ways that can benefit you and your business. Take notes, observe the turnover of every table and see how many tables can a server handle. This way you will be able to improve the overall impact and rating of your restaurant amongst your customers!