Foodie Destinations to Visit in Europe

Top 5 Foodie Destinations to Visit in Europe


Europe is a place which is filled with history and culture. One of the things that are best known for is food. The European Union has made it easy for people to travel all across Europe. There are no limitations to places that you can go to. Europe is genuinely every foodie’s paradise. If you are thinking about what country has the best food in Europe, then this list of the five best places to eat in Europe is just for you. 

The best food in Europe is Ukrainian if you like dumplings and freshly cooked savouries. Then, there are chicken Kiev, and heavenly potato pancakes. It is recommended to try out the traditional Ukrainian delicacies. If you are in Ukraine, then you need to check out Ukrainian candies as they are some of the finest.


Perhaps, without any doubt, Italy is one of the best food destinations in the world and not only in Europe. The food culture in the country is fantastic. There is just about something for everything. Try out the best pizza in the world, and you will forget all the pizzas that you have had. There is a food scene in the country like none other. The coffees in the country are also something to try out. There is a reason that Starbucks didn’t make it in Italy.


Every foodie trip needs to have France on the list. The country isn’t only known for its captivating historic buildings or museums, but it is also known for its food. One of the things that stands out about the country in terms of food are the pastries. Crème du Brule is not the only thing that every foodie should try out. There is just so much to eat. Try out the baguettes, macaroons, and much more.  


If you are near Ukraine, then Poland is an option that you have to try out. The central European country is known to be one of the best food destinations in Europe. Vodka isn’t the only thing that the country is recognized for. When in Poland, you have to try out pierogi as it is something that all Poles are proud of. Polish food is just perfect for anyone wanting something authentic and delicious at the same. Warsaw and Krakow are every foodie’s go-to places.


A country which is filled with UNESCO world heritage sites, beaches and friendly people in Spain. It also has some of the most delicious cuisines that every Mediterranean diet enthusiast would love. There’s plenty of seafood and meat in the diet. However, there are some vegan options too. Head over to Barcelona or Madrid, and take in more than just the sites. Some of the foods that you need to try out are croquettes, tortilla Espanola, gazpacho, Spanish ratatouille, cured meats, and the famous Spanish salads. Finally, don’t forget the paella, it is mouth-watering.