Vikings Look Like

Viking Appearance: What Did Vikings Look Like?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that Vikings were strong and courageous Scandinavian explorers. Different researches and historical sources show that they lived a thousand years ago. That is why there is no exact information about the appearance of real Vikings. So, we may only suppose what Vikings looked like. It is commonly accepted that they usually had a long messy hair with braids, beards and some male accessories. The most popular of them were the necklace for men and different rings.

So, what did Vikings look like? What were the peculiarities of their appearance which differentiated them from others? Keep on reading to find the answers and to get to know a lot of interesting information about the appearance of real Vikings.

What did Vikings Really Look Like?

To begin with, it is commonly believed that Vikings were dirty tall men with unkempt messy hair. However, it might be just myths and suppositions about their appearance. Let us consider some facts considering this question and decide what is just a stereotype and what is true information. Indisputably, that will help us to get to know what do Vikings look like.

Were Vikings always dirty and smelly?

From various sources we may see that Vikings had their own unique style. That exactly means that they were not just dirty warriors from the North. Despite the fact that their hair was not so clean, it always had to be well styled. The same we can say about their beards which could be of medium or short length, depending on the hairstyle of Vikings.

 Were Vikings really so strong and tall?

Actually, the modern people are a little bit taller than Vikings. From various historical references we may get to know that men were about 172 cm tall and the average height of women was 158 cm. And what about the incredible strength of Vikings? Indeed, it is true that they were really strong and courageous. Most of all, it is so due to their lifestyle which was healthier as compared with our modern one. Without any doubts, the environment of that time was also another reason for the long life and strength of Vikings.

Did the Vikings have their own hairstyle?

In fact, Viking hairstyle is considered to be at the peak of its popularity nowadays. Understandably, a lot of men all over the world choose Viking haircut. It is the best variant for those who desire to be really stylish and fashionable. This haircut is usually combined with the small braids and the neat beard. Furthermore, Viking hairstyle has become the most popular and widespread trend today.


There exist a lot of stereotypes considering the appearance of Vikings. So, what did real Vikings look like? Consider several variants and decide what is true and what is just supposition.